East London Escorts are the only ones for me

East London escorts are the only girls for me. I love dating escorts where ever I travel to, but I have recently discovered that http://cityofeve.com/east-london-escorts East London escorts are the best. Honestly, I am going to stop spending my money on other escorts services and only stick to East London escorts in the future.

There is something very special about East London escorts. They seem to be friendlier and more natural at what they do. None of the girls put in too much make-up or silly stuff like false eye-lashes. Fake escorts, or girls that look artificial, certainly are not my cup of tea, and this is why I am so drawn to East London girls.

There are naturally other reasons why I am drawn to these girls as well. My mom was an East London girl, and born within the sound of Bow Bells. She was a true Cockney and even used to speak to me using Cockney rhyming slang. Up until this day I can remember certain quint expressions such as Apple and Pears which actually means stairs, and the girls do use a bit of old Cockney rhyming slang when they speak. It makes me chuckle and bring backs a lot of happy memories,

Sexy Girls

I also find all the girls that work in East London dropped dead sexy. They do not only know how to dress like porn stars but it is the way they do it. Despite not being able to afford some of the fanciest clothes, they have found their own style and manged to pull it off.

High stilettos are matched with short skirts, and skimpy tops make me think about East London barmaids. There is certainly a lot of East London sentiment still alive and kicking is this part of London today.


They are happy without having to put it on. To me, it seems like they smile from dawn to dusk and have a very chirpy attitude no matter what comes their way. Unlike their central London colleagues, they seem to be able to hold a conversation on many topics, and that includes the latest football results. What else can a man wish for – a sexy companion and a girl who knows her football. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It beats me why more guys don’t date East London girls. As soon as guys have made a bit of money, they seem to drift to try escorts in other parts of London. I am sure the girls are great but they are probably three times more for the pleasure, and I just don’t understand why they would want to do that.

Learn to appreciate home grown talent before you try new pastures, I say. Personally, I will never date any other escorts, and I will not hear a bad word said about East London girls, and I will personally stand up for my favorite girls. Next time you visit London, you should try to squeeze in a couple of dates with the girls in this part of town. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Keeping Safe in Online Dating

When one is of age, there is always a need to have someone close. Lasting friendships and love are developed at this stage. All of these start by dating. The internet has opened up a new way of adult dating which, which is online dating. One is able to date friends from all over the world, from the convenience of his or her seat. While this is an interesting development, it carries with it many risks. There have been many cases of credit information theft, cyber bullying, phishing (identity theft), and bodily harm upon physical meeting. It is thus important to keep safe when meeting strangers online.

The choice of dating site is crucial. Since dating sites collect a lot of personal information, it is good to be a little prickly with which dating site gets the personal information. There are all sorts of dating sites that are coming up nowadays. However, one is better off using a dating site that has been around for long, as the site is likely to safeguard personal information as promised. One may ask friends who have dated online about their experience to learn from it. Even on established sites, it is good not to give a lot of personal information that is not needed. Phone numbers and working places should not be put on the public profile. One may create a Google voice number, from which calls can be transferred to his or her phone number, without revealing the true phone number.

In addition, one should not give out his or her financial information online. Both the site and online visitors should not know each other’s credit card passwords. Moreover, no money should be sent to facilitate the meeting with a date. The behavior of asking for an airline ticket and accommodations, or other cash is a common fraud. It is also advisable to look out for odd language. If the language changes to money talk, threats, and ideas one does not appreciate, it is advisable to block the date and report the user to support. Many people have been blackmailed into giving money, personal information, and financial records using some of these tricks.

It is hard to be sure if the image one sees on the profile is his or her date’s real image. Most swindles steal social media profiles and internet images to appear real. One may upload the partner’s image into Tineye and see where else the image has been used. It is also advisable to ask the date about their social media profiles, visit their pages, and connect with some of his or her social media friends. Finally, one should go to a physical meeting in a place he or she knows well, in open public places, such as hotels or parks, and be accompanied by a friend. This would reduce the chances of crimes, such as rape and theft during the meeting.